Model : EPS 48 CB-NT (195¡¿245¡¿52mm)

Features and Benefits

  • Handle speed is adjustable by forklift specifications
  • Handle can be adjusted light or heavy as desired by user
  • Counter Balance Type It can be applied to forklift.
    There are 2 types according to sensor type
    - Resistance type: Applicable to NYK or NSK type
    - Magnetism type : Applicable to Toyota (5FB series) type
    - User can control the weight of the handle with torque setting (0 ~ 9)
    using Digital Switch
  • Error display
    -Easier error display using FND (E1-E5)
    - E1 : Low Battery Error when battery voltage is below 26V
    - E2 : Torque Sensor Error Torque Sensor Output
    - E2 : Torque Sensor Error Torque Sensor Output
    When the voltage is below 2V or above 10V
    - E3 : EPS Current Error EPS Motor when EPS Motor current consumption is over 90A
    - E4 : Start Current Error when the initial current is more than 30A
    - E5 : EPS Contactor B+ Error EPS when EPS contactor is defective


  • All Count Balance type forklift


  • Korea
  • Europe: Belgium TVH
  • Southeast Asia: Indonesia

Operation Overview

  • When the CAR key switch is turned on, the EPS Contactor is turned ON and the controller operates
  • The neutral range is the torque sensor voltage 5.5 ~ 6.5V when the voltage is 2 ~ 5.5V or 6.5 ~ 10V,
    it rotates left / right.
  • Make sure to turn off EPS contactor for safety in the event of an error