Model : TAN ¥³ / TAN¥² / TAN ¥± (222¡¿180¡¿76mm / 220¡¿155¡¿70mm)

Features and Benefits

  • AC MOTOR CONTROLLER is the first high efficiency and high performance product developed for the first time in Korea. It is equipped with motor rotation speed and torque control, battery monitoring according to battery charge/protection of controller and motor from over-current. It acquired the patent for the first time in Korea (Patent No. 10-1487886)
  • Flexible program change ? It enables it to customize the program according to user required functions
    and user-specific use environment

As a highly energy efficient controller,

  • Recharge function is activated automatically when the accelerator pedal is released
  • Recharge function is activated automatically when the travel lever is reversed
  • Recharge function is activated automatically the brake pedal is pressed down while driving

Thanks to the application of FOC (Field Oriented Control) algorithm,

  • Good riding comfort when using neutral braking
  • Soft riding comfort when plugging
  • Anti Roll Back function
  • Turtle function
  • Cruse Driving function and many other features available according to the user environment and requirements

Communication and control panel,

  • System self-diagnosis function (motor check, encoder, battery, etc.)
  • Error display such as system failure, system overheating, motor rotation sensor failure, motor overheat, etc
  • Serial and CAN communication


Battery voltage 24V~48V
Current limit value450A/ 350A275A
Operating temperature-30¡É~80¡É
Switching frequency10KHz
Length x Width x Height (mm)222¡¿180¡¿72220¡¿154¡¿67


  • AC motor electric forklift
  • Golf car
  • Various electric vehicles
  • Agricultural and industrial
    electric carriers
  • Various electric vehicles
  • Unmanned carrier (A.G.V)
  • Monorail (Rail)