Footprints of DMCS Co.,Ltd

2015.10Developed AC450B and mass-produced "TAN TAN" products
2015.05Selected as "E-Trade Frontier Company"
2015.04Acquired patent for electric cart for the eduction of
children "Patent No. 10-1512331"
2015.01Acquired AC Motor Controller patent "Patent No. 10-1487886"
2014.04Acquired AC250B "CE" certification
2013.10Selected as "Promising Small and Medium Business" by Gyeonggi Province
2012.10Developed AC250B and supplied to Taejin ENG on an OEM basis.
2011.12Certified as a company specializing in parts
2011.11Acquired ISO9001 / ISP14001 certificate
2011.10Certified as Venture Business
2011.07Established company affiliated research institute
2009.03Developed Guide Sensor and Mark Sensor
2008.01Developed Mini Driver
2007.10Relocated HQ/Factory(438-1, Topyeong-dong, Gyeonggi-do)
2006.09Developed soil analysis measuring equipment (A-SF14)
and fertilization prescription program
2006.03Developed BLDC Motor Controller (Model: 152SS)
2005.10Acquired European safety standard TUV certification for EPS Controller
Developed and distributed a soil analysis measurement equipment (W-Meter)
2005.09Acquired European safety standard CE certification (F650B / F550B)
2005.08Participated in the development project of the perpendicular steering
mechanism for forklift (AC Motor Controller application)
2004.06Developed EPS controller for electric forklift
(EPS24 / 48RB, EPS48CB)(EPS24/48RB, EPS48CB)
2004.02Developed the controller for electric scooter (Model: MINI)
2003.11Developed 16-channel LVDT system (Model: MUX 16)
2003.08Developed and distributed auto camera tracking system(CATS)
2003.07Developed AC motor controller
(Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)
2003.05Developed the controller system for the dual heater
2002.03Manufactured and distribute F350B / F250B model
Acquired European safety standard CE certification for FET Controller
2001.11Selected as INNO-BIZ company (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2001.04Acquired the patent of F650B
Developed the controller for 1 kw class BLDC motor
2005.10Applied for the patent of F650 Controller
Manufactured and distributed Monitor Panel (Model: OP2000D)
2000.08Developed a soil analysis equipment (Model: A-SF10)
1999.07Driving / inflow controller for electric forklift (FET type, F650B / F550B)
1998.05Developed a soil analysis equipment (Model: A-Pen)
1998.03Manufactured and distributed IGBT type controller for the forklift
(Halla Heavy Industries)