Technologies retained by company
  • DC / AC motor controller system technology
  • Soil analysis prescription system technology
  • BLDC motor controller system construction technology
  • Advanced system construction technology related to the control of other microcomputers
    Solution products retained by company
  • Electric car drive motor controller (FET controller)
  • Soil analysis prescription equipment (A-SF10, A-PEN and others)
  • Auto camera tracking system (CATS-I)
    Directions of business promotion
  • Develop high-value businesses for the niche markets such as Semi Automati
    (semi-robot) combined with machinery
  • Develop, manufacture and distribute AC motor controller,
    thus expecting import-substituting effect
  • Focus on the business of ample applications as wheelchair for the disabled
    in response to the development of BLDC motors
  • Become Korea's only company that develops eco-friendly technology, and develops and manufactures
    green car controller